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Report of the second meeting
Author:互联网     Date : 2012-09-15

About The Conference
   Purpose in order to practice the Strait of material handling technology exchange center "pooling resources, sharing platform", we held 2012-9-15 Strait material handling technology exchange center in 2012 the second meeting, issues of interest to industry thematic report, exchanges. The main topics are as follows:
   1、 dust comprehensive management: comprehensive management of the program and practice unit dust field experience introduced
   2、 sweeper: sweeper design principles and various conditions sweeper introduced
Strait of material handling and Technical Exchange Center Profile
First, the aims
In order to meet the new demand, the strategy of large-scale coal-fired power plant and the national coastal ports, a major thoroughfare, logistics material handling solve material handling ubiquitous dust, wear, spontaneous combustion and low efficiency. Parties to negotiate at home and abroad, to build the first Straits material handling technology seminar "Straits material handling technology exchange center" platform for regular and occasional colleagues both inside and outside the industry to conduct exchanges with.
Founded - the pooling of resources, sharing platform                                                           
SAN-TECH Profile
    Three Ye company is the application of technology in enterprise customer-oriented site, using the latest materials, on-site technology with the "Human Element" to constantly promote material handling quality, efficient, environmentally friendly, harmonious. The three Ye adhering share "thick, and perfect" philosophy, happiness in the pursuit of the substance and spirit of staff both at the same time contribute to the development of human and social progress, to Ye natural passion, the pursuit of the cause of endless.
2012 to allocate funds to the material handling industry structures technology platform, the pooling of resources, and promote the material handling industry development.
Participants units (sort by firstletter)                                     
--Fujian  Electric Power Design Institute
--Fujian Huadian Kemen Power Plant
--Fujian Huadian, Wing Power Generation Co., Ltd.
--Fujian Huadian zhangping Power Plant
--Fujian Traffic Planning and Design Institute
--Fujian Kemen Port Logistics Co., Ltd.
--Fujian Provincial Electricity Regulatory Office
--Fujian Shishi Hongshan electric of Fujian YongFu engineering Consultants Ltd.
--State Power Quanzhou Thermal Power Co.,Ltd.                                   
Guodian Taizhou Power Generation Co., Ltd.
--HUADIAN Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
--Huaneng Haimen Power Plant
--Jiangsu Ligang Electric Power Co., Ltd.
--Jiangyin Power Plant
--Inner Mongolia Coal Mine Design Institute Co., Ltd.
--Xiamen China International Electric Power Development Co., Ltd.
--Shanghai Baosteel Group
--Haiou Rui Industrial Company (Fu Wan Group)
--God Huahai Power Generation Co., Ltd.
--Taiyuan University of Science and Technology
--Inv Consultants Ltd. (China)
--China Petrochemical Puguang
--Third Harbor Engineering Investigation and Design Institute
Conference site - Professor Meng the environmental storage loading and unloading of bulk materials special report 

Theme of the report of the meeting site – SAN-TECH

 Theme salon scene

Live Q & A

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